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Week Ending 8th June

Week Ending 8th June

We Lifted out on the gantry Houseboat ‘Heather’ whose owner Chris required a survey and hull assessment as she had not been out of the water for at least 10 years. She was in surprisingly good condition being planked up in teak and was possibly an old admiralty works pontoon. When converted she was moored in Turner’s boatyard in Horning and presently lives moored outside the Kings Head Hotel in Hoveton. Chris sanded the hull and water line and carried out minor repairs and hopes to do the major work in the autumn and slowly restore the interior.

The gantry was once again busy when we launched a Waveney class yacht ‘Foxglove’ normally kept on the Southern Rivers in readiness for the Three Rivers Race – we have yet to find out what position she came in. Due to a lack of wind ‘Foxglove’ was towed to Wroxham Broad by Willing Boys for its onward journey to Horning.

Once ‘Heather’ was launched we used Nigel’s workboat ‘Willing Boys’ to tow the aft cockpit cruiser ‘Voyager’ to the yard to have her new engine fitted after sinking last Autumn. She is presently out of the water on the car park having keel repairs and a new shaft fitted.

Major work is still being carried out on an Ernest Collins cruiser.

Saturday 31st May was very hectic as we couldn’t get a very early start on the turnrounds due to hardly any boats returning on the Friday afternoon/evening. At one point we had a long line of cruisers queuing up back to Daisy Broad in line for the diesel pump. This set us back at least ¾of an hour but having said that we had cleared the yard of cruisers by 3.30pm.

Sunday evening saw Nigel and I journey to Cantley with a car load of different make TVs for Geoff and crew on board the Royall Ambassador 3. He had bought a gadget with him which allowed him to view films and photos via the TV but unfortunately the TV that was on board only played them in black & white, which was also the case with all the ones we had bought with us. Royall Stuart was also moored up near the sugar beet factory but refused to hand over their TV! So bright and early the next morning we managed to rustle up another couple of TVs and motored over again to Cantley where at last one of them played back in colour. There were very appetising smells coming from Royall Stuart who were enjoying their cooked breakfast al fresco style in the morning sunshine. We tried to invite ourselves on board but again unfortunately there didn’t seem enough to go round so hungrily we left to carry on to Acle to visit our printers.

Royall Satin came back early to have a repair done on her front toe rail as unfortunately whilst mooring in Oulton Broad Yacht Station the skipper inadvertently went ahead instead of astern and hit a private boat nearby. This was soon repaired by our resident GRP expert Steve.

Whilst on our day off we visited Cromer beach (can’t seem to get away from water or boats!!!) and let foster dog Patrick off the lead to romp about with Tillie.